My journey at St. Mary’s Convent Sr. Sec. School like everyone else’s is filled with memories and lessons that one can only cherish, with one of those cherishable memories being that of becoming the Head Boy of such a reputable school.

Taking on the position of Head boy is both physically and mentally demanding, but I know it will help me to discover a lot about myself, also to discover abilities that I never knew I had and learn what it truly means to be a leader. Being a leader would certainly will allow me to use my strengths and abilities in a way that benefits others.

I believe in what Arnold Schwarzenegger summed it up perfectly by saying “A self-made man is a myth” and a myth it is indeed because I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support, Love and trust that I got from my friends, my family and my peers and foremost the gift of life that God has blessed me with that I never thought would turn out so well for me.

I am forever grateful to the teachers for the time they took in helping me to develop to be the person that I am today from the moment I entered the gates of this institution to the moment that I left. Thank you for looking past all my flaws and trusting me to take up such an honourable position.

School is not just a place that gives you an insight into your career, but it also ensures that one develops into a responsible being, imbibing moral values and ethics that are the prerequisites of life. St Mary's Convent Sr. Sec. School has been successfully catering to this need for years.I feel highly blessed to have grown up as a St'Marian amidst the love and guidance of my teachers and sisters.The institution has played an indispensible role in moulding my personality and future.

I am highly privileged to have been appointed as the Head Boy of such an institution that has helped me discover my own potentials.I hope,I can stand up to the expectations of the teachers and sisters and make them proud with my future achievements. St Mary's has not just prepared me for life instead it has given me a life itself ensuring that I can reach the pinnacle of success in whichever field I venture.

(Head Boy 2023-2024)

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