• During the academic year there will be vacations as specified in the school calendar. The vacations are not to be extended or anticipated. All are expected to attend the class on the opening day after each vacation. Those who are absent on the opening day after each vacation, without permission will be fines Rs. 5/- per day.
  • The application for leave should be made in writing
  • No one who has been absent or late nay be admitted to class without the principal’s permission. The students who have been absent from the class must have the reason for their absence noted in the regularity record. Reasons of private nature may be intimated by letter.
  • Students returning to school after a contagious disease should produce a Fitness Certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner.
  • As a rule, not more than three days of leave of absence will be granted to attend any function.
  • Repeated absence for feasts and other celebrations shows the lack of seriousness of purpose and can adversely affect the grade.
  • Application for leave should be addressed to the Principal and specific reason must be mentioned; general reason will not suffice.