• Fees are remitted in the Bank according to the directions of the school.
  • Tuition fees must be paid for twelve months of the year and conveyance charges for eleven months.
  • The school reserves its right to revise fees without prior notice.
  • The twelve months tuition fees is to be remitted as indicated below:
    • 1st Instalment- 1st to 10th April
    • 2nd Instalment-1st to 10th July
    • 3rd Instalment- 1st to 10th Oct
    • 4th Instalment- 1st to 10th Jan.

    These dates will be strictly observed and if the payment is not made, a fine of Rs. 30/- will be levied up to the last date of the first month of each instalment. Thereafter a fine of Rs. 50/- each will be levied for every additional month till the fees are paid.

  • N.B.:- (1) Due date for paying the fees without fine is 1 to 10 of every first month of the quarterly instalment.
  • (2) No fees will be collected in the school for any reason.
  • For withdrawal of any student after April 3, fees for two month i.e. May and June will have to be paid. Those who leave in November will have to Pay the fees for December also.
  • If the fee is not paid for two months, the pupil’s name may be automatically struck off the rolls and readmission, if requested, is reserved with the higher authorities.
  • Parents are free to deposit the fees for the whole term or whole year in advance.
  • Parents will preserve the receipt issued to them and produce them, when needed. Fee and conveyance slips must be submitted to the office by the end of February for verification.
  • When a student leaves the school, no fees will be refunded.
  • The school has hired vans and buses for transportation of its students. Transport charges are fixed up according to areas and payable for 11 months. This charge is to be paid along with the school fee. The school authorities expect the co-operation of all the parents and the children in the smooth running of this buses and vans.
  • The students, the teachers and the parents must strictly adhere to the rules and regulations given in the diary. No change or relaxation shall be made by anyone except with the permission of the Manager, the head of the institution.
  • There will be no change in the transport arrangement till the end of academic year.