2018 - 2019

It is a great honour and indeed a great achievement for me to represent my school, the centre of learning which gave me my individuality and identity as the Head Boy of the year 2018-2019. From being one of naughty children of the class to my present, I have absorbed one thing that joy of being appreciated for your efforts is beyond any other pleasure. The immense love and support provided by my school has helped many to grow as better humans being. So everyone must take utmost care of the opportunities provided by our school to bring out our true potential. No matter what mistake you make, if you mind them they will make your life better. “The will to win, desire to success, the urge to reach your full potentials are the keys to unlock the door of a person's excellence”.

Mahfooz Haque
(Head Boy 2018-19)

2017 - 2018