A leader is the one who out of the clutter brings simplicity, out of discord……..harmony and out of difficulty……..opportunity.

To be appointed as the Head Girl is definitely an honour as well as great responsibility. Being Head Girl isn’t about being better than anyone else but it’s about winning the trust of the student body and to organize and represent them with honesty and enthusiasm. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the Almighty God for his countless blessings. I would like to sincerely thank Rev. Fr. Kartik Abel, Resp. Sr. Principal, Sr. Vice Principal, Sr. Coordinator, teachers who have always believed in my capability.

St. Mary’s Convent Sr. Sec. School, my second home, has given me everything one could ask for .The responsibility i am bestowed with is something i have been dreaming of since i was a child.

St. Mary’s isn’t just a set of building we visit every day; it is a part of our identity. It is within these walls that we learn the most valuable lessons of life which will define us what we are, in our future life ahead.

I would like to urge all Marians to be ideal students, so that we can take our school to greater heights of success. We will walk this path together and work in union to keep St. Mary’s flag flying high up in the sky, mounted with love, hoisted with dignity and fluttering with grace.

(Head Girl 2022-2023)

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