2018 - 2019

“LEADERS BECOME GREAT NOT BECAUSE OF THEIR POWER BUT BECAUSE OF THEIR ABILITY TO EMPOWER OTHERS” said by John Maxwell. I Vanshika Deswal, the head girl of our School feel privileged as I open my heart down. On behalf of the school cabinet members I would like to thank our Principal, Teachers and Students who have always believed in us and our abilities to lead the school. To be appointed as the head girl is definitely a blessing as well as a great honour. For me, it has brought both a sense of pride and responsibility. My message to the students is that the future depends on what you do today, learn from yesterday and live for today. Be what you want to be and not what others want you to be. As Mahatma Gandhi rightly said “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. Therefore we the cabinet members promise to stand up to all the expectations and fulfill our duties with complete dedication. We, as leaders are just to lead but work in collaboration with each other and to achieve the best for our school. We promise to work hard with all our zeal, devotion and determination. We will try our best and work persistently for the excellence of our school.

Vanshika Deswal
(Head Girl 2018-19)

2017 - 2018