2020 - 2021

A Leader takes people where they want to go. But a great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily wants to go but ought to be. I Kanika, the head girl of our school feel privileged to have been associated to such an admired and reputed institution. I am grateful to our Principal Sr. Navya, my teachers and the school management for considering me competent enough to shoulder the responsibilities. This school teaches the students to develop trust and create a sense of transparency and bond with teachers because they are always so supportive and build the trusting relationship with us students. I’ve learnt a lot from this institution and one thing that has become a part of myself is to have a vision and plan. The Best leaders are also visionaries. Vision according to me is the most important quality a leader can have, as it provides direction and momentum. It helps you in not getting distracted and sidetracked. I idolize the leaders here most importantly because they do as they say. They’ve just never given us a chance to have spot even the tiniest bit of irony in what they preach and what they practice. Leaders who lead by example, position themselves as tremendous role models. Being given a chance to be a leader myself, I’ll always keep this teaching deep rooted in my heart. I would like to share a few traits I always wanted to inculcate in myself, still do and would wish my juniors to instill in themselves:
• Be a good listener
• Become independent and interdependent
• Have self awareness
• Believe in yourself
The secret is not to do what you love but love what you do. New and unexpected things will pop up along the way and there is no other choice but to learn to accept and work your way around it, so love and enjoy what you do and finish what you started. At last I would like to say that learning is never done without errors and defeat so don’t let what you can’t do interface with what you can do.

(Head Girl 2020-21)

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